how is your summer so far?

mine is quite wonderful.

practicing driving. i know i know. i'm 19 and no license. sue me.

been to the beach a few times
ouch {on my legs, didn't put sunscreen there}

can't wait to attend some graduation

here is me getting ready for my high school graduation

have a great rest of the week!


hello austin, texas

you're pretty great.
not as good as california,
but still pretty great.


dear mom

Guess how much I love you?
right up to the moon and back.



dreads are fun.
you wash them probably 0-3 times a month
[they aren't dirty, unless you
roll around in the dirt and
sleep in a tree]

you wash your scalp,
not the dreads.
i use TOMS natural bar of soap

you wax them every now
and then. i use 100% Australian
Beeswax by Murray's.
I bought it at the dollar store
in Waco

i'm enjoying them more
and more.

still get lots of stares and

sea salt apparently helps
your dreads to tighten.
SO i can't wait to go home and
swim in the ocean. :)

people who have legit dreads
let them "mature" through
sea bathing. pretty awesome.

once you get over the 2 month
hump, they actually look
quite amazing.
i'm at month 1. but they look promising.

if you're thinking about getting dreads
just know:

1. you need patience. lots of it.
2. some days your hair will be HUGE
3. dreads take lots of care,
but will look good even if you don't take
care of them. very ironic.
4. think of how much money you're saving
by not buying shampoo and conditioner
or hair spray, or moose, or any other hair
products you use normally.
5. i bought the hair wax at the dollar store.
SUPER affordable.
6. bad hair days almost never exist, just put
em in a low ponytail.
7. but SOME people think you
always have bad hair days....
until they realize they're dreads.
very silly.
8. you will be seen as different.
always be yourself, they'll realize
you're not that crazy.
9. let 1+ friends do them for you.
its time consuming but its better
than getting them professionally
p.s. my friend Gigi did mine and it
took 16 hours. but i do have thick hair
and it was SUPER long.
10. did i say dreads are fun? i'll say
it again.


things that make me happy

1. being with Meredith Richey
2. COLD rainy days
3. bagels
4. authenticity & simplicity
5. a 3.5-4.0 GPA
6. big trees
7. beach bonfires
8. dried mangos
9. charcoal pencils
10. quoting movies
11. mexican food
12. new yarn
13. Murray's Beeswax for dreads
14. birthday cards in snail mail
15. childhood shell collections
16. chewable Vitamin C
17. the movie Bella
18. California rolls
19. patching up my bro's blue jeans
20. hot cider
21. Trader Joe's grocery store
22. new freckles after a sunny day
23. chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough
24. oatmeal, period.
25. good oranges
26. and sweet strawberries
27. apple picking in Julian, CA
28. socks from Costco
29. NYLON fashion magazine
30. the smell of vanilla extract
31. dancing at a wedding reception
32. college art classes
33. playing ping pong at the SLC
34. volleyball
35. dark chocolate
36. TOMS shoes
37. bird of paradise
38. paint and quarter horses
39. CLEAR starry nights
40. and gray mornings
41. Ireland
42. and New Zealand
43. family Christmas traditions
44. Kashi cereal
45. sunsets
46. reading Psalms
47. making to-do lists
48. Forever 21
49. Urban Outfitters
50. Anthropologie
51. In N Out Burger
52. soy milk in a smoothie
53. beach camping
54. mid-day naps
55. home-made pizza
56. CALIFORNIA bar-b-q [haha]
57. my familia whom i miss so dearly

what makes you happy?



after sitting in a tree swing
it hit me.
God is unchanging.
and beautiful.

i wish i liked to read

than i would read:

the never ending story
some mitch albom books... like 5 people you meet in heaven
harry potter series
some C.S. Lewis here and there...