Herbert, meet everyone

Everyone, meet Herbert.
new friends are worth 50 cents at Bates Nut Farm

After emailing many different Baylor authorities,
including my academic advisor,
it seems as though I have many of my ducks in a row.
Today, Escondido Joe's coffee shop with Natalie after school was quite wonderful.
Geology lab on the other hand- not so much.
Tomorrow brings:
8 a.m. music class
10:30 a.m. Escondido Joe's coffee with Deborah yay!
later in the evening: "Pumpkin Toss" with church college group
where you will throw a large pumpkin off a balcony,
onto a trampoline,
and hope that it bounces into a particular trash can-
sounds glorious doesn't it?! I'm stoked.


you know how running is on my "nay" list?

well, after reading the blog of a dear friend, Maria, found here
I can't help but give it a second try......
wish me luck.


mm I went to Old Navy and bought a pair of
sweet running shorts this afternoon
{o! and some beautifully designed, large tanks for modern dance class}
feel so legit. now all I have to do it actually use them shorts.


my sister's fiance, Jeff, brought my family
some pumpkins to carve tonight!
Because I had bible study with some girls,
I could not enjoy the soup and carving extravaganza.
Little did I know that my little brother Michael
waited for me to carve one with him.
So precious.

After searching for an amazing stencil idea,
we decided on a hand print with a guitar in the palm
and some musical notes around the hand.
I'm impressed with his guitar drawing "skillage"
& found that carving pumpkins is easier
after taking a college drawing course haha

I'm only staying up right now in order to cook the pumpkin seeds.
I'd love for Mike to have some in his lunch.

discard zuh pulp. rinse zuh seeds. butter zuh pan. a lot. place zuh seeds.
scatter zuh seeds. salt zuh seeds. a lot.
and 15 minutes later at 350 degrees, vuala!

they are done. and I am free to sleep.


Tomorrow morning:
dropping my mom off at work at the hospital
downtown, coffee shop- reading the Bible and Pride & Prejudice-
buying a chalkboard for my Baylor countdown
looking for a chocolate brown bridesmaid dress
taking a train ride to school for geology and modern dance.

yep. I'm skipping music appreciation
because I don't have to go to anthropology.
Therefore, I may arrive at 11 instead of the usual 8,
which would cost me 2 dead hours before geology.
no way Josue.


my mom and I have a date tomorrow to go to Bates Nut Farm
for some California Fall Lovin
ready to enjoy the autumn crops, pumpkin patch, & crisp air. delicious.

sweet dreams my friends


just notified Baylor

that I will be returning for Spring '10 semester.


I'm going to buy a simple chalkboard,
where I will be counting down the days

now all I have to do is survive the rest of this semester.
no easy task.

p.s. looking for affordable off-campus housing
--please let me know, if you know anything


needing encouragement

*intensified, it being Homecoming at Baylor and all....

I feel tired of waiting on God's ways
[He gives me purpose here --sharing the gospel with people on the train--
but some thing's missing....hmmm......not getting even a tiny glimpse of a tiny part of the whole picture]
I feel exhausted from school & work & wedding stuff
I feel incredibly lonely, not being with my family {a.k.a. Antioch lifegroup}

and on top of all that,
I never have anything to look forward to.

gahh. war cry.

if you know you're one of my beloveds,
I really need you- I need a physical form of God's love.

just hearing what's going on in your life, will lift my spirits,
and I don't need any "sorry's" or "bummer's"
I just need to hear your voice.


my mama, she's wise

she told me that the walk to the cross is a lonely one.

when we go through suffering,
it produces perseverance, character, & hope.


when i star gaze

i love not knowing what's up there.

i love being reminded that God is so big.

that my life, and what things i find so significant and place my worth in, are so insignificant.



yah yah we know it can be defined as owning only what is needed; always sharing; pursuing a few things at a time= not being busy--> having a slower lifestyle

Foster believes that simplicity is

giving up addiction, what it is that we think we can't live without-
& always pursuing God's kingdom before our own legitimate, even good, pursuits.

mmm. convicting.