'what are men to rocks and mountains?'

jane austen

loving reading
Pride & Prejudice


nickname that means you can throw a punch

anyone seen the movie, "whip it?"
it's fantastic!!
the main character, Bliss
becomes ..Babe Ruthless
for the team, Hurl Scouts
of the roller blade derby.

Micah and I couldn't think
of any awesome names for ourselves.
still can't. any ideas?


went to the dentist this morning.
had time to spare before work.
drove a block over to downtown Escondido.
talked on the phone with the lovely Erica
while walking through my
favorite antique shop.


dinner with the Berghorsts.
family friends & missionaries in England,
partnering with Arab World Ministries

Clare and I watched Pride & Prejudice
while the parents drank wine on the porch


helped my wonderful, little brother Mike
pack for his 2 week road trip with
friends to a music festival in Chicago

i always fold his shirts.

he leaves at 4 a.m.

unfortunately i will not be awake
but i plan to watch the sunrise
at 5:41.


this saturday, my college group
at church is hosting an
80's party at my house
{because of our dance floor}
i'm stoked to say the least.


lovely things to read...
cupcakes and cashmere


monday's food for thought

Ryan Paulson's analogy of
a bear. and God.

when camping, the presence of a bear
completely shapes your speech and actions.

all eyes are on it.

God's presence should cause the same effect.


gotta love tuesday

kaylynn and i started at Solana Beach.
walked to the tide pools to Del Mar Beach.
spontaneously decided to go to the Del Mar Fair
because it looked so lovely off in the distance


what would your life look like

if you truly believed you are accepted by God?
believed you are chosen?
believed you are His child?

He is mine. and I am His.

nothing is more beautiful than that truth.


walk into jeanne's apartment

yell "Hi Jeanne! I'm here!! how are you?"
she has her radio headphones on.
yell louder "Hi Jeanne!!"
open the blinds
place eye drop cold packs by bed in freezer
refill water cups she has in specific places around the apartment
make breakfast and lunch for the next day {takes 5 min.}
walk back into her room,
"So, Jeanne, what are we going to do today?"
"How about you grab the prayers, but
before we say them, let's do personal prayers."
"Sounds great!"
Deep inhale. exhale.
"Heavenly Father...."

the best start to work everyday.


exhaustion, sun burn, celebration

.i am working full time/ 6 days a week for
an elderly woman who has lost her eye sight

{the same lady that i worked for last fall}

i. am. so. burnt out.

.blessing: our family friends, the Grimes
allow me to use their suburban in the meantime
because i do not have a car to take me to work

.because i only have Tuesdays off, i
definitely go to the beach and then try
to fit in as much as possible on that day
when i should be resting..

..but Laura and i had so much fun taking
the train to Oceanside yesterday morning
at 8 a.m.
why that early? who knows?
but it was fun -cold- but fun.

..ended up getting sun burnt
across my legs and face while hanging
out with Jamie, Manda, and Aaron
->we played some mean 4 square haha

.my parents celebrated their
anniversary of 25 years of marriage
they said that it is the grace of God
that they're still together.