what to write?

been sick since Tuesday.
no bueno.

bought lots o' Nyquil, day time liquid medicine,
& a gallon of Simply Orange juice.
free of pulp, that is.

World Mandate missions conference
is held here at Baylor's Ferrell Center.

God rocked my world last year,
but because i'm sick,
i haven't been able to even attend
1/2 of the conference.

week was very difficult.
have pictures coming soon of all the
black ink paintings, charcoal drawings,
and graphite drawings that i had to turn in on friday.
but God somehow gave me enough time
to complete them all- even though i got little sleep.

i need to mention how absolutely
amazing the Kokernot staff are.
i love them.

--> i have a fake engagement with another community leader, Rachana Chhin, on facebook.

its just a 'yoke...although some think it's real. whoops.

his blog found here


every staff member needs a biography

for a poster in our lobby

Natalie Rae is the name, San Diego from which I came. I like them granola, soy milk, & in n’ out burg-er. I wanna live my life in prayer. Answer to the Holy One-who sent His son. Calling my name, “come and speak out! Why don’t you reach out? Seek my kingdom, seek my face. You can be a light in this place.”


Jake Time

[jeyk tahym] n. lead by Kokernot chaplain, Jake; devotional time at the end of staff meeting; activity-go in a circle 1+ times and say, "I am _{insert one word}_." it was very touching to hear everyone's heart in such simple terms. After we decide how many times to go around, each person elaborates; Jake prays for us aloud.

I am waiting.
mm, waiting for God's timing to provide for my financial needs...
{answer to prayer/concerns: an anonymous giver sent me a beautiful, new rug and trash can to my residence hall}

I am scared.
so fearful that I cannot stay at Baylor unless I can get another job {I already have 2}

{answer to prayer #2: I am starting as a child care assistant for preschool and kindergarten music and missions classes on Wednesday nights at First Baptist Woodway

#3: some BOG program from the State paid for my classes at Palomar College, so all I have to pay is a $28 dollar enrollment fee. I didn't think I was eligible. God provided $400 for me!!

#4: i can buy my Spanish textbooks because God provided, yet again :)

#5: my first hall meeting went well


back in Texas {tay-haws}!!!!

I love it here.

I love my staff at Kokernot.

I'm learning to spell everything with a "k"

like kouch konversations, knatalie, kafe, karing, kommunity, knews, kashew, KALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Lord has blessed me more
than i imagined.


new year's resolutions?

a little birdie {a.k.a. Josh Boyd}
told me the top 10 in the U.S. are:
  1. spend more time with family and friends
  2. get fit
  3. lose weight
  4. quit smoking
  5. enjoy life more
  6. quit drinking
  7. get out of debt
  8. help others
  9. learn something new
  10. get organized

I say the number one should be....

  1. focus on/love/worship God; the unseen; what has eternal weight
  2. have a simple faith
  3. strive to love instead of get my way
  4. instead of thinking about how much i'd like to look differently, i'd like to listen to the Holy Spirit speak truth about my identity in Christ-being the daughter of the King
  5. draw more