love fest

here is where it began.

So, Maria Knorr.

We met in Drawing 1 class with Ms. Hitchcock.

She was the cool girl with the lip piercing
who stood at her easel, maybe, oh say, 3 people to my right...

always had a smile on her face whenever i'd try to get everyone partying in class while we spent hours staring at Clorox bleach bottles and bowls to draw- just tons of random objects all hot glue gunned on table boards

found out she was also from CA {San Jose}! and she has the same faith as me {Jesus Christ followers}!

we would eat oranges, granola, trail mix, flattened bananas, etc. during our break from drawing

she's a CA hippie like me.
we're organic,
NOT nasty exotic

I miss her a lot.

If you know anything about her, know this.
She's incredibly encouraging and thoughtful.



message by Pastor Scott Smith
at EFCC, December 27 2009

The Daily Challenge:
to live in and live out the peace of God

peace def.
שלום (shalom) Hebrew, meaning whole; complete; sound
Εἰρήνη (eirḗnē) Greek, meaning right relationship with God and others

establishing a right relationship with the Prince of Peace {Jesus Christ}
brings about...
  • peace with God {Romans 5:1; Ephesians 2:14; Colossians 1:19-20; Acts 10:36}
  • peace of God {John 14:27; Matthew 6:25-27; Psalm 4:8}
  • peace with others {Romans 14:19; Ephesians 4:3}

how do we have peace?
practice, practice, practice
  • by being controlled by the Holy Spirit {Philippians 4:9}
  • by loving God's Word {Psalm 119:165}
  • by focusing on and trusting in the Lord {Isaiah 26:3}
  • by obeying God's Word {Isaiah 48:18}

in conclusion, shalom!

because God is constant, faithful, never-changing.


Christmas is here!

Last night, the Grimes, Gilberts,
Blieds, and De Martimprey's
came over for some chicken dumpling,
Apples to Apples,
s'mores at our camp fire,
and fellowship.
such a lovely night.

today, Tadashi, my aunt & nana
are joining my family
for some cookie decorating

then we're off to church at EFCC!

then home for a fondue dinner?

Happy Christmas Eve!
What are yall doing for Christmas?
any awesome traditions?


ode to tuesday

had a chat with megan about
how she liked her first semester of college
at the Blue Mug

made 2 batches of
Shapiro's famous toffee

watched the movie, The Family Stone

watered our courtyard

practiced some soccer tricks
with a flat basketball
while my little brother tried to fix
our go-cart


o, excited about grades...
think i got a 4.0,
waiting for my modern dance grade


planning on some home-made pizza
with Toto after Christmas,
it's too bad Yuto is back in Japan for the

i really need to put up a picture of
my hand-sewn
Christmas sweater.

Merry Christmas!

Baylor Countdown= 15 days,


Christmas Party at ICF

{the international student bible study}

last night of ICF until Jan. 8th

i leave for baylor the 5th

i'm going to miss all my Japanese friends

want some rims like Tadashi


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

i realized that the whole movie is about
waiting on Aslan,
the parallel to God.

waiting for His rescue
His wisdom
& His timing.

i love how Aslan
teaches Peter & Susan
all that they need to know
in that world...


this is a dry spell

i'd love to know God, like i used to

He's the most interesting person to know,
don't you think?

a few years back, i worked at
palomar christian conference center
for two summers

one summer in particular,
i read Dr. Strauss'
"The Joy of Knowing God"

spending each day with one
purpose and one purpose only
was so fantastic:

i meditated on the fact that
God would reveal one thing
about Himself per day
if i were to ask

it was so exciting to have
a new revelation every day,
because God was so quick
to help me understand
His amazing character.

He's great, by the way.

i can't wait to get to know
Him all over again.

Second time reading the book...
and it's neato to read all my
old notes and underlined phrases
or words and read
what Mbamba also wrote
as he read through it that
same summer.


the madre and i

bought some delicious
Mexican food
from Lourdes

we ordered their famous
chicken soup
{complete with rice and avocado}

i've been sick for the past

studying for finals has
been a great challenge
but i only have two more
to go! {out of 6}


booked my flight for texas
this afternoon
i am arriving on January 5th
2010 whoo!


my family has almost
eaten all of
Jesus' b-day cake,
which had some coconut flakes
mixed in with the
home-made cream cheese
o delightful.

how are yall doin?



Christ is with us, friends!

{I baked Him a
Birthday cake today :)
because I don't want to
study for finals yet.


this spring semester....

I'm going to be a CL {like an RA}
in Kokernot Residence Hall


Thank you Jesus :)

Heavenly Father,

take my moments and my days,
let each breath that I take,
be ever only
for you, O God.

whoa, here I stand arms open wide.
whoa, I am yours and You are mine.

{Hillsong lyrics/prayer}



life includes...

  1. interview with the residence hall director at Kokernot for CL position
  2. last night, International student Bible study at the Monnevones house with Tadashi {had sooo much fun singing Christmas worship songs, and eating Japanese curry with Chai tea and rice}
  3. woke up early this morning to celebrate my dad's birthday over breakfast with strawberries, oranges, eggs with spinach, & traditional Jewish bread
  4. anthropology reading
  5. green tea
  6. work
  7. Balboa Park with the Christmas festivities & House of "Insert Nation" kitchens. Jorge, Amanda, Hayley and i ate cow heart at the House of Peru. let's just say, i didn't like the texture of a shish-kah-bob of seasoned cow muscle



God orchestrated
my schooling

I am returning to Baylor in January
and will be able to stay for
the rest of my college years
AH! HUGE answer to prayer