big news


date marked down in history.
July 30th ...
Jeff proposed at Balboa Park
San Diego, CA



is like a fever.


power in prayer

that's my lesson for today, due to a phone call of a very precious friend of mine.
prayer is what holds us all together in Christ.

Thank you Lord that you care about every little detail in our life, that you hear us when we cry out to you, and that you bring your cleansing power, life, and redemption.


wild at heart

LOVE it.

i'm liking the idea of short hair the more i have it.
and liking the platinum blonde idea...
...but i do miss my long hair.

Let's see...my sister has a friend from TX in town. She's super sweet. They went to Thailand for a year together with Baylor University...I am busy seeing friends, whom I haven't seen all summer. I baked some delicious muffins {oat bran and flax seed meal with fresh apple, carrots, and pecans}...canNOT wait to be an R.A. in the fall.
Lord, please give me wisdom as I watch over, and more importantly, befriend these 37 girls in my hall. I pray for hall unity, safety, and that my life would be a witness and bring about a hunger and thirst for righteousness and You. Amen.


Jenny Goes to Australia

is one of my favorite blogs!
My friend Jenny will be studying abroad there for the next season.

you should check it out, it's very amusing



this morning I woke up from a nightmare. sheesh. yucky. *cold shiver*

{***realized later after having brekkie} in the nightmare, a lot of us had neato super powers and were swimming in this pool. later on, we were all at a cafeteria/ dormitory/ any school building talking. i had really bad vision. and there was this evil person, and they were my "friend," but were trying to destroy me by finding out every weakness in my eyesight. while eating breakfast it dawned on me that the Devil is trying to put scales over my eyes and that I need the Lord to see truth and light. while getting ready for the day, I listened to the Irish hymn "Be Thou My Vision" and then got caught up on a lot of amazing Hillsong worship music. The End.

I'm going to have some brekkie and get ready for work.

beach bonfire tonight at o'side! whoopaey



San Diego is the hometown of my favorite pro skater/snowboarder,

Shaun White

i think that i shall have Maria teach me how to skateboard when i get back to tx.

i shouldn't be so afraid to fall down when i try riding.



i'm home :) i have found that wordpress is great for posting my artwork. but blogger is better for writing.

anyways, i am loving chalk board paint.
i want a piece of furniture or something weird to write on

hope yall are having an awesome summer
i have had good family friends over with their two beautiful, rambunctious, adorable daughters. they left this morning.

tomorrow my sister's friend from texas arrives. she's staying a week.

august 2. brittany goltry and family are coming to southern california!
august 3. meredith richey is coming!!!!

before going back to texas i really need to visit Coronado.

i have been truly blessed to hang out at all the great CA beaches. Carlsbad State Beach {nice and few people}. Oceanside {harbor and pier}. La Jolla {hoyty toyty city}. Del Mar {or at least visited the horse racing tracks for the huge Christian music festival called Spirit West Coast}.

Baylor University, i miss you lots.

i feel more artsy day by day but don't have an outlet for all the creativity yet.