i fly out to texas

the 6th of August!

can you believe it?

i'm so excited but
fearful to re-unite with
my storage in Kokernot's basement.

out of sight, out of mind.


last night's wedding details

Mexican food.

Gerber daisies in jars.

multicolored bridesmaids dresses.

bride's gown reminded me of a Greek goddess.

the groom couldn't stop smiling all night.

to prepare for the toast,
i needed to set a Martinelli's bottle
of sparkling cider at each table
and say with a lovely smile,
"hi! this is for the toast. thanks!"

after confronting a table of
men and women in their 30s with a few
babies in strollers,
one man said

"do you have a knife?"

i looked down at his plate. he had one.

"um, do you need an extra one?" i said,
sounding very confused.

he laughed. "you know. to spread? over the toast."

"o." i laughed still looking somewhat confused.

i walked away from the table thinking
how odd, yet funny, the guest had been.

thanks, whoever you are,
for making my night.


i'm trying to process so much...

please pray that
i tackle my thoughts and untrustworthy emotions
instead of distract myself from
the condition i'm in.

that is all. for now..



i love weddings! drinks all around!
-Captain Jack Sparrow

today, my family is hosting
yet another wedding

the couple?
bride from Denmark
& American groom

i love it.

also, today is my day off.
pedro, tasha and i
plan to drive to Julian, CA

..but the weather report
says "isolated thunder storms"

we're in an open jeep,
so maybe a 'no go'

update later in the day:
..went shopping at the mall
during a hot rain outside
..directed cars at our
front gate for a few hours
in the HEAT. SOOO HOT.
..got Golden Spoon {frozen yogurt}
with Pedro, Tasha & Brenna
..went to Barnes & Noble with Pedro
..came home and helped at the



photography class

in the fall!

graphic design majors
are required to take
photography 2A & B

this man
's photography is

i need to invest in a camera.


no. really.

what are men, to rocks and mountains? ..and God??

our lives are vapor
God is an unchanging, eternal, loving, holy
Father, Son, & Spirit.

God is worthy of our praise.