hate being dry

this weekend will be a time to refresh.

+ many art projects ahead of me {whoopay!}


abstract illustration of
"i'm a line and i feel sassy"
for design methods class

a fully rendered
frontal view of the human skull
for figure drawing class

develop and print
black and white film
for "quality of light" study


He's all around me.

Flyleaf "All Around Me"


conversations with Elisa & Harrison

we are spiritual beings having a physical experience

not physical beings having a spiritual experience


how did creation react to Jesus Christ's presence
on the earth?

did the trees and grass lean towards their Creator
when He lay asleep?

{apparently, this is a concept from My Epic}


my thoughts this day:

.God has blessed the world with coffee.
the divine drip© -Ryan Paulson

boy, did i need it earlier.



Palomar Community College in the Spring & Summer
and then transfer to Cal State San Marcos in the Fall...

brainstorming about a place to live...

my house is an option.
but i'd rather not.


after a lot of soul searching

i have decided to transfer to a school in Southern CA
{maybe Cal State San Marcos}

.incredibly thankful for your prayers!

.i have so much peace and direction

.bitter-sweet. but more sweet.
because there's so much hope & promise




please look up Kari Jobe's You Are For Me

sinks deep inside.


my loans and finances have been such a burden.
such a burden that my health is on the line.

please lift me up in prayer.

I'm praying for wisdom, guidance, and peace
..about transfering schools in the Spring..


how deep the Father's love for us.

how vast beyond all measure.

that He should give His only Son.

to make a wretch His treasure.