first day of classes

so excited to take:

tennis {so i can compete with my family when i'm home}
black & white, film photography
ballet {have to wear pink tights, a black leotard, & ballet slippers!}
spanish {for my minor}
figure drawing
graphic design {the concentration of my studio art~BFA}


getting sick, but am resting a lot


i love my new residents.
they're awesome.

i'm assigned to the residents of the
"Animals & Human Society"
Engaged Learning Group



Flights went well,
met awesome people on the plane,
& arrived safely to Baylor
with Adam
after staying with Katie in Dallas

i'm already completely upacked
and there's a collage on my board
above my bed!

*deep sigh*
i'm here.


weird dreams this week..

for example:

.being tipsy the. entire. time.
which is weird..ya know? cause i've never been tipsy.
oddly enough, it was more of a...
tipsy/hangover/angry/sad dream.
so weird.

i'm so excited to be able to go to
PB {Pacific Beach} today to visit
Britt, my best friend since 3rd grade
..she's here from Montana!!

my little brother always asks me
when i'm making chocolate chip cookies
& i can happily say i finally made
some this summer

Tadashi and Kaylynn joined me.

our large, glass cookie jar
is full, once again.


open house & casual bonfire

for my "Off to TX" goodbyes..

so thankful for all who came tonight!

loved star gazing with
Steven, Pedro, & Andy afterward

Paige wrote me such an encouraging card
and wrote Isaiah 43:1-3 in it!!
which was incredible! because
it has been SUCH a significant verse
in my life the past 2 years

{i'm getting it tattooed on my arm
in about 2 years} --after i pay my loans

Isaiah 43:1-3

look it up.