rode the train home

met a man.
clear, blue eyes.
scruffy, semi-gray beard.

the man had joy.

he bluntly greeted me.
taken aback, i answered,
but with caution.

he seemed a bit..off.

having observed some
people on the train before,
who appeared to be taking drugs,
I was hesitant to engage
in conversation.

but something was different about him.

we sat near each other
to continue the small talk.

i learned he was a
recovering drug addict.

he was taking every day at a time
with the Lord.

he shared with me what he read
that morning in the Bible.

God overcame.
Fix our eyes.

As I looked into the man's eyes
for the 15 minute ride home,
I saw God in him..

Jesus was staring back at me
through those clear, blue eyes.

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